It’s time for Africa!

I do believe, very sincerely, that people don’t take trips, Β trips take people. Once again I have been chosen by one such trip, this time to the wildest continent in the world..Africa.

So like shakira says.. It’s time for Africa, well, South Africa to be precise.

As I am typing away from the sanctuary of my cocoon right now, Β I can’t help but wonder at the time left at hand.. 5 measly days. Stuff is being stuffed in travel bags, things are being bought with much gusto, work is being completed or procastinated till after I come back (..meh).

Well, I guess you get the picture, preparations are in full swing. A few days from now I will be basking in the South African winter chilling away the accumulated heat of a solid Indian summer. One month of idling and exploring the African life, from lively Capetown, exciting stellenbauch, scenic garden route, southern city of Durban and finally to the African Bush.. The iconic Kruger national park for a true blue African Safari.

The wait.. is on.

– The Gypsy girl.



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