Flashback to July 2016 – Episode # 1 Emirates Experience

20th June 2016

As cheesy as it may sound but it does deserve a mention here, simply because out of the last 24 hrs we spent close to 14 hrs with Emirates airlines, on and off the flight. So emirates was definitely the theme if not the highlight of our Delhi – London journey.

We started at the crack of Delhi dawn with oversized and overstuffed baggage, full of as much a slice of india as the baggage limit would permit and as much as we could carry. Early morning at 6 we were in our cab for the T3 Indra Gandhi International Airport. We boarded our flight to Dubai after a very amazing breakfast at the GMR lounge in T3, a must try for anyone who dares to be called a foodie.

Going back to the point of our journey, the first leg of Delhi to Dubai was over in a blink and soon we were on the legendary Arabian soil. But wait ! Rewind a bit …there is something I missed, Β the aerial view of Dubai. It’s definitely not to be missed. Dubai skyline is a treat to watch. The view from up above is simply splendid… chunks of barren desert with the most wonderful network of roads crisscrossing the entire panorama.

Now coming the airport, it is really a super airport in terms of … well everything. The Dubai Duty free is Β heaven for shopoholics and non shoppers alike. We were super charged to see all that it had to offer and with that done soon we were on the second leg of our journey from Dubai to London.

The 7 hour flight was a jumble of movies for me… well lets see Β ‘The Dressmaker’ and ‘Alex and Eve’ …and by end of the second movie we were already landing in London.

London, 8:30 pm local time, it was a bright day outside and 18 degrees as per the flight announcement. The first thing that struck me as we got out was the clear blue skies and the brush stroke clouds. Well ..now I know what inspired the Victorian landscapes.

The second thing that struck me was the sheer number of people coming into England and the diversity of so many different nationalities was striking at best. Then, there in the midst of all this was family waving and rushing to us with big smiles and outstretched arms. The warmth was both inviting and uplifting.

Day one of our journey is over and I am getting ready for the onslaught of sights and experiences to sharpen my bohemian aura.

So that’s all for now, because London.. is waiting….

– The gypsy gurlimageproxy (1)

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