Flashback to December 2016 Episode # 3.. and so the story goes

7th December 2016

Mount titles Switzerland

…and so finally I got drifted into the jungle of sights and aromas lost touch with the virtual me, what with all the excitement keeping me on tenterhooks.

But now that I am finally back home and life has usually begun, I am ready to come to terms with my inner gypsy gurl once again, so well… here I am  typing away into the unknown, gathering all my memories and weaving them into the little story called life.

So, without much ado I will dive straight into the blue or rather yellow of the bright sunshine of Switzerland, the day we arrived there.

..Armed with lots of excitement that the beautiful road journey through the French countryside had generated.

As the journey became longer our excitement turned to.. well, for the lack of a more suitable word, dread.. as we learned much to our horror that the time difference between our next transport aka.swiss rail and this one was probably not sufficient. Bing…..!

Just what in the lords name were we thinking, booking a one way non refundable ticket of swiss rail.

So tip number #1 when travelling through Europe steer clear of non refundable tickets … they are a lucrative trap, meant to swindle the unsuspecting, good looking (okay that’s a lie… mmmm … not really) innocent (that’s not) travellers, but when luck is on your side no swindler can swindle you.

Well who would have thought that, our knight in shining armour was sitting pretty close to us, and revealed himself through the mist of our misery by asking if we needed any help, in highly accented and broken English.

From there to the train station it was a cakewalk.

…well, not really ..it was a very fast walk with all the luggage and a feisty five year old through the secret shortcuts of the swiss passage ways that lead us straight to our platform in flat 2 minutes!!!

…with one whole minute till the arrival of our train from Zurich to Lucerne. The good Samaritan did not stop there he made sure we boarded the train and got settled and also told us the tricks of the trade like if you are travelling with young children look for the family coach on swiss trains as they are equipped with play areas and child friendly interiors.phew … beat that?

So tip number #2 … when travelling with little ones in Switzerland, look out for family coaches on swiss trains, believe me it’s totally worth it and oh Yes …while in Switzerland hold on to those window seats, believe me (for the lack of a better phrase ) its totally worth it.

So coming back to the story…we finally reached Lucerne, a little lost but mostly overwhelmed. My first thought was how are we going to find our host in this incredible city, little did I know that he, would find us.

And that too with an extra umbrella for light drizzle that was waiting for us. So tip number  #3 always carry an umbrella or raincape when travelling in Switzerland.

So well… from there, our really charming host took us to his beautiful apartment, which was to be our home for the next few days.

Our host in Switzerland he was like a magecian with maps

The chapel bridge Lucerne
The Water Tower

That was how we reached the beginning of our tryst with Switzerland.

And that is a whole new story.

Till later.

-The gypsy gurl


24 thoughts on “Flashback to December 2016 Episode # 3.. and so the story goes

  1. You take such wonderful photos! I am super jealous you get to travel so much and share so many memories with your family! I think tip 3 is handy for the uk too, always carry a umbrella lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

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