Oh Capetown… Singing in my head

LA LA LA LA… Singing in my head. When I am happy.. well, I sing,  my musical sense awakens ( much to the dismay of everyone around me ..la la..)

If it’s possible, it’s just enough to describe Cape Town as the magnum opus of South Africa.

Me at the lighthouse, Cape of good hope

I don’t know where to start, the 7 days I spent in Capetown were just perfect,  a perfect blend of high life,  good food,  thrill, adventure and shopping,  but wait that’s not all, the great thing about Capetown is that with the big city life there is nature too,  this is one of the rare places you see both coexist and… happily.

From st George’s mall to the waterfront… And from robben island to the cape of good hope, it’s a panorama for all senses. Multiracial,  multicultural and truly cosmopolitan, cape Town is the paradise for a seasoned traveller as well as a bohemian wanderer.

The table mountain is the crowning glory but the cape of good hope lends it character, to be at the very tip of a continent, where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic meet is truly a humbling experience and so is coming face to face with an African penguin on the boulders beach and the wild ostriches at the cape of good hope.

I can sum it all up by sharing a few magnificent pictures I clicked on my way..

The magnificent cape of good hope
The mama and baby penguin at the boulders beach

All I can say is Capetown is a place to be if you want to experience the delectable and the modest….

The majestic ostriches along the cape coast

with that I am off to stellenbauch… Wine country, South Africa, just about an hour’s drive from Capetown.

Will be back soon.

– The Gypsy Gurl.

Have you ever been to Cape Town? If yes, how was your experience ? If no, would you like to go there sometime? Do share with me in the comments. I would love to hear all about it. 

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