Durban DeliriousΒ 

Sand under my feet, Durban

As surprising as it may sound Durban was not really a part of the original itinerary, but it was added after my husband asked “why not? “.

That statement, started my love affair with the iconic city that stands proud as a testimony to the diversity of South Africa, a melting pot so to say of numerous cultures and ethnicities. History, geography and economics come together to form a wonderful amalgamation or rather a symphony of a pleasant melody called Durban. So, here I can say with true conviction that no South African holiday is complete without Durban. 

It is part of the Kwazulu -natal province of South Africa. Historically all the foreign workers were brought here and since then this region boasts of great cultural mash-up and of course like I said before a great diversity. All this directly gives rise to the most prominent factor, the lip smacking cuisine of the region. 

In addition to all this, being an economic hub of the country, Durban is also quite notable for a wonderful city life, with shopping malls,  casinos, amusement parks, water parks aquariums, entertainment centres etc etc. This province also is home to two UNESCO world heritage sites, namely Isimangaliso wetland park and ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park. 

Beaching ❀❀

OK so enough with the information, let me start my story, so here goes..

We had just about three days in Durban, and they were spent totally and deliciously in adventure, food and idling at the beach, in fact it was the perfect destination, right in between the rustic Oudtshoorn and the adrenaline packed Kruger national park where we were headed next. 

We tried extreme sports, shark cage diving, although I must admit that my enormous heart chickened out at the last moment.. But my husband went right ahead, and I must add.. courageously. 

Here I must caution that it’s not for the weak hearted. 

So moving on, we went shopping, saw the dolphins in action, tried unlimited African buffet and basically had an amazing time.  

My takeaways from Durban 

well, the first has to be the dolphin show, it was a first for me and I must say I enjoyed every bit of it. Secondly the food, we were totally spoilt for choices! And lastly, the awesome casinos, even though I am not much of a gambler but who does not like trying their luck once in a while, and then the thrill of it all,  is really contagious.

Ushaka Marine World Durban

With 3 awesome days in Durban we were all ready for our next and most awaited destination, Kruger National Park and that’s my next story. 

Leaving you with some information about Durban

Getting into Durban 

Getting into Durban is quite easy,  you can reach either by flight,  by road, by train or even by boat. But flights are the best option,  boats are good too if you have the time and most importantly the adventure streak. 

The Best places to Visit

The first and right at the top in my list is the Ushaka Marine World, it’s an aquarium, water park adventure sports hub,  entertainment center, and even has a great beach!  A must do for every one,  in fact we went there twice.. Tip : plan a whole day trip,  minimum. 

Suncoast Casino

Better than any other in South Africa, and the cherry on the cake is the amazing chreche facility for children,  with a wonderful staff and an stunning list of activities for children.

So even though these two were my favourite,  there is much more to see in Durban..  there is the Botanical gardens, Umgeni River Bird Park and North Beach.  The list really is endless and so are the possibilities, when you are in Durban. 

That’s all for now, I will be back with my next story and soon. 

Till later. 

– The Gypsy Gurl. 

Shark cage diving @Durban

38 thoughts on “Durban DeliriousΒ 

  1. Waaah! Shark caging!! I’m scared of creatures under the ocean (slight case of thalassophobia, I guess) but then it’d be something I would regret not doing. But I think I’d still chicken out hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh’s amazing place, you will definitely like it. As far the food is concerned, I would say you have almost all cuisines there along with a great amount of African food, I can tell you my favorite that I had for the first time there was mutton curry and pap ( I hope that’s how it’s spelled, kind of maize cakes) totally delicious 😊


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