River Undone

I have been writing poetry ever since I was a little girl, love for the written expression is the most profound part of my being. River Undone is my latest work, and yes if you catch that note in my writing it’s very much a voice of my feminist heart ❀

I am a river undoneΒ 

I am a melody unsungΒ 

I am a story interruptedΒ 

I am a soul corruptedΒ 

I am an instinctive journeyΒ 

I am the sound of moneyΒ 

My voice is a whisperΒ 

My heart is a treasureΒ 

I am a woman wild

Footloose headstrong fierce destiny’s child

I shine like a thousand suns

Lighting the sky for unknown reasonsΒ 

I am a river and an ocean

I am a therapy and a potion

I am magic most vividΒ 

I am a fantasy you have lived

I am not to be tamed

I am a pagan unshamed

I am the heart of a dragon

An enigma no one can fathomΒ 

I am dark as well as light

Wickedly wrong and wondrously rightΒ 

I am a flower goddessΒ 

Rising from the touch of my own caress

I am a verse forgotten

deemed dark and forbiddenΒ 

But I flourish every dayΒ 

In spite of what they sayΒ 

In the hearts of loversΒ 

In the sound of waves

In a loving gazeΒ 

In the thrill of a chaseΒ 

I am every whereΒ 

In atoms molecules and rays

Hidden in plain sightΒ 

My philosophy takes flightΒ 

I am the yin to every yangΒ 

A song that the ocean sangΒ 

I am a river undoneΒ 

I am a melody unsung..Β 

– Vandini SetiaΒ 

( the Gypsy Gurl )Β 

53 thoughts on “River Undone

  1. Beautifully written! It takes talent to not only express yourself, but to do it well, in language people can understand and relate to – and you have accomplished both here. I think each of us is an enigma, if we really stop to think about all our “sides” that compete for dominance!

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    1. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful message, I am happy you could relate to it. I feel that when emotions flow they can be well represented in the form of poetry, and then in agreement with your thought, we do have so many facets to our personalities, each unique in itself.


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