The Northern Right #Hermanusย 

Hermanus is not a place you can take lightly,  it’s exciting, exquisite and undeniably, unabashedly adventurous. What with it being, one of the best places on earth known for land based whale watching.

Whale watching.. yes !.. Right off the coast and a beautiful one at that. So in continuum with my last destination du jour  #Stellenbosch, as my fingers fly on my keypad trying to summon my memory just about a month back when I was on the road to Hermanus from Stellenbosch, I recount my sheer delight and anticipation of the dream destination.

Hermanus had captured the best part of my attention even while I was carefully, dreamily planning this vacation, it’s claim to fame being so great after all.

So without much dilly dallying let me dive right into the story. We drove all the way to Hermanus from Stellenbosch through the wonderful South African highway system.

By the time we checked into the beautiful Windsor Hotel the sun was already setting behind the horizon, a sea view room was waiting for our arrival, it was all good till we opened the balcony door and behold.. The most breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean was right before our eyes,  so my recommendation # 1 stay at the Windsor Hotel when you plan a visit and definitely book a sea facing room it’s totally worth every penny you pay.

So moving on,  we just about dumped our baggage in the room and left the hotel for a quick round of the scenic village even though it was getting darker by the minute. It’s a small place but extremely beautiful, we took a little walk along the ocean, the walking track cut across cliffs and rocks of the generally rocky bay.

So my recommendation #2 if you are planning a trip to Hermanus keep your sturdy and comfortable walking shoes handy, so that you can enjoy the rather lovely nature walks in the area.

All this was followed by a spectacular dinner at one of the restaurants in the village square, (the most popular and happening place).

The next day was devoted completely to sightseeing the local area,  we saw the whale museum , the old harbour which had quite a rustic feel and  also spent a lot of time just sitting on the coast looking for the elusive whales, even though it was a bit early in the season for their arrival. We were rewarded by a splendid view of the very lively marine life of the area,  seals snorkeling and fishing, some huge fish ( not whale though ) but all in all it was totally worth it.

My take away from Hermanus is the salty, fragrant Atlantic breeze and countless stories of the elusive Northern Right whale but most importantly the sheer beauty and biodiversity of the little village.

So soon we were in our car on our way to the next destination Oudtshoorn ..home to rustic farms and the famous Kango caves. I’ll be back soon with my story of Oudtshoorn.

Leaving you with some pictures we took on our way.

Till later.

The Gypsy Gurl.

The magnificent view of the bay of Hermanus

A cute guy posing for my click against the blue ocean

The old harbour of Hermanus 

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