Back to the caves #OudtshoornΒ 

I believe that every place has a character much like people, and if I apply that to Oudtshoorn I would say it is rustic and brazen. Why?? Β because it is so in your face. I could call it the Texas of South Africa ..if that makes sense.Β 

The pygmy ponies in the old mill estate

The very story of Oudtshoorn is based on the premise of a catastrophe, much to my dismay the major factor contributing to this is the sad incidence of fires across the garden route in South Africa while we were travelling.Β 

Even though we were safe and did not witness any incident in particular, we could feel the frenzy as the whole country was fighting this phenomena that lead to the loss of many lives and property. It was great to see the unparalleled unity and grace that the citizens showcased during this catastrophe.Β 

This incident in my mind reinforces the idea that Travel is much more than sightseeing, it is a journey of discovery, of not only places but of human abilities and being touched by them in the most profound manner. Β 

As tourists we were encouraged by the locals to continue our journey of their beautiful country and carrying the stories of its beauty and poise back home. So this one is their story.

I start from the very start as we took to the road after Hermanus towards Oudtshoorn. It was the longest road trip we undertook in South Africa, we were on road for about 5 hours all through a very windy day and to tell you the truth it was a bit scary with huge open stretches without any habitation what so ever.Β 

But everything was worth it once we reached The Old Mill estate, about 18 kms ahead of Oudtshoorn. It is a little slice of heaven. With a lovely farm, an outstanding restaurant, ostriches, ponies, rabbits, a little lake and even a hike trail on the backdrop of a huge and lush mountain. It was so great that we extended our stay there from just one night to two.Β 

The old mill estate is a retreat in itself, the stunning view

For the two days that we were in oudtshoorn we explored various ostrich farms, the lovely city and the cango caves.Β 

Cango caves are majestic and Gothic and so well preserved, so if you are not overly claustrophobic, and are fairly adventurous like me you must visit there. Β The prehistoric caves are one of a kind in the whole world.Β 

The nature’s art inside cango caves

I must also confess that oudtshoorn is the place I tried the ostrich burger for the first time ( and I don’t like it) also it was here that I understood the fascination the regency fashionistas had with the ostrich feathers.Β 

Me regency style.. another feather in my cap πŸ˜€

So finally my takeaway from Oudtshoorn #1 the ostrich burger is bad ( totally my opinion). Β #2 I am mildly claustrophobic. #3 rustic is charming and finally the most important one #4 a bucket load of memories of a wonderful place and it’s wonderful people.Β 

Soon it was time to pack our bags again and hit the road for the next destination, the lovely sea side town of Mossel Bay.

So… As I wrap up this story, another one is just beginning to form.Β 

Farm life agrees with me ..😊

And on that note.. Β will be back soon.

Au revoir.

-The Gypsy GurlΒ 

54 thoughts on “Back to the caves #OudtshoornΒ 

  1. This honestly looks like a lot of fun. The landscape is breathtaking! I’ve eaten some weird things, never ostrich. I may have to give it a try!

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  2. I love your take on that traveling is much more than just sightseeing. I absolutely agree with that! This let leg of your trip sounded so peaceful with such beautiful views!! Keep the stories coming!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ll try anything once – but ostrich?! Whoa! This is the second post in as many days that I’ve seen regarding South Africa…and when that happens, I have to automatically move it up on the list. This looks like an amazing portion to see.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. On my way to South Africa now (slowly by bike) and I Can’t wait for the beautiful nature and animals! I’ve never tried an ostrich burger so maybe that will be a first when I arrive!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you.. Well as far as the ostrich burger is concerned the very idea was a deterrent but then I guess I did get a bit adventurous and tried it… The taste was a bit too strong for me and added on that the psychological idea was enough for me not to like it.. But hey it’s quite a delicacy down there so people really do love it.

      Liked by 1 person

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